Beauty Burst Event 

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Today I’m writing about something completely different . I was very excited to have been invited to my first blogger event. The event was a local one , in the Overgate Shopping centre in Dundee. It was such a great feeling to have been asked to attend and to be able to help out at it as well.

The event was all about beauty- Beauty Burst. This event was organised solely by Metta who I feel deserves a lot of praise for putting on such a fantastic event. There was so much going on with live demonstrations from make up counters , discounts in stores, local cocktail bars handing out samples , a live DJ, fashion shows and a swap shop to raise funds for a local charity.

On the night itself I was helping out in the swap shop, this was a great idea and allowed members of the public to bring in any unwanted pieces of clothing and to buy new pieces from what other people had brought in. The customers were required to purchase tickets which costed £2 for five tickets. The customers could also give donations to the charity as well. This idea worked very well and there were a lot of donations handed in, some items were brand new with the tags still on. People were really enjoying the idea and agreed that it was good to help out a local charity and in return get new clothing. For some of these people it was last minute holiday shopping .

It was great to have had something like this in the Overgate and people were enjoying themselves. It was also a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers from the area.

I am looking forward to hearing how much money was raised for the charity. I will leave you all with photographs from the evening. Thank you Metta for inviting me. I look forward to future events at the Overgate.

Thank you for reading.


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