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Today on the blog I will be writing about the company called Skinn cosmetics. This company was created in 2002 by Dimitri James who is a professional makeup artist and a licensed esthetician. Dimitri has worked both on the runway, red carpet, Television shows and magazines. Skinn cosmetics is a line of premium skincare formulas and colour cosmetics.

Skinn Cosmetics motto was to make the finest skincare formulas and to bring them to the world at prices that everyone can afford. They use organic farms to grow the ingredients that go into the products as they like to focus on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks. Skinn cosmetics likes to incorporate the methods of mothers and grandmothers who made their own soaps, creams and masks in their homes using pure, natural ingredients. What is so unique about Skinn cosmetics and differentiates this company from the others currently available is that they use the classic traditions and combine it with the most advanced technology and delivery systems available. The products produced from Skinn cosmetics are famously full of actives, there is no use of unnecessary water, fillers, or excess packaging.

The Company built its own production facility at the headquarters in Southern California to ensure the highest quality was produced. Through very hard work, Skinn is a top selling international brand on Evine live (USA), The Canadian shopping Channel and Television shopping Network in Australia. With those successes it is also notable to add that the company is expanding into new international territories each year. To purchase any of the cosmetics they are available through, live televised home shopping and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. This company keeps overhead very low meaning that they don’t have expensive retail shops, there will not be costly magazine of prime TV adds either. The company prefer to put any money they have back into the actual product, after all the company does pledge “what counts is inside”. They strive to bring intelligent, inspired and innovative skincare products. The company are so confident that you will see a difference in your skin.


After reading about this company I was intrigued to try some of the products out for myself. I contacted the company and they kindly sent me out Caviar lip cream in shade Bare, Plasma concealer in Shade light and Plasma Foundation in Shade Cool Buff.


As the company states they don’t spend a lot on advertising or packaging which is a good idea. The products speak for themselves and don’t require fancy decorated packaging. I usually use liquid foundation as I like to have a good coverage on my skin without blocking my pores or making my face feel that it is caked in makeup. I was interested to try the companies plasma foundation as it states that it will never crease, cake or clump, leaving you looking naturally flawless. I am always up for trying new products and especially when the products have benefits for your skin. This foundation is packed with Omega 3,6,9 and 12 fatty acids, this allows the pigments to suspend themselves over pores, imperfections and wrinkles. This sounds just like what I have been looking for over the years. The foundation also includes argan, rose hips and flax seeds oils. Which refers back to the old traditional ingredients that they took inspiration from in previous years from mothers and grandmothers who made their own home products.


On initial application of the plasma foundation, I was a bit wary as it didn’t look like it would apply greatly in an even coverage way nor did it look like it would cover any flaws in my skin. I applied the foundation with a normal foundation brush and chose to do gentle swipes and by doing this I was able to build on layers as required. The foundation was so light it almost felt as if there was just cream being applied to my face. The colour was spot on for my skin tone. I usually struggle with foundations being close to my skin tone but was absolutely thrilled when this foundation was the perfect match. I feel that this moose like texture is great as it won’t spill on the floor if it is accidently knocked over. It is very handy for packing in hand luggage as it is not a liquid either. The packaging and the foundation are both very lightweight and don’t take up much room in a makeup bag.


Plasma Foundation in shade Cool Buff (Skinn Cosmetics Website) $28.00


As the product clearly stated that it doesn’t crease or feel caked on, I can vouch for this claim. I wore this foundation for over eight hours with no complaints of feeling allergic to the ingredients or any signs of it looking or feeling caked on my face. Instead it looked like I wasn’t wearing any foundation at all. Usually in the past with foundations I get an itchy sensation which instantly makes me want to take it off my face but can safely say that this didn’t happen with Skinn cosmetics plasma foundation.

I also used the Skinn Cosmetics Plasma concealer again applied this product with a concealer brush and it applied very well. No clogging into wrinkles or making my eyes look heavy. It was very light and again had a great colour match and did exactly what concealer is supposed to do – cover darkness under eyes! When I eventually did wash off these products my face felt smooth and not oily. I feel that the natural ingredients in the products were giving my skin the nutrients they were missing and feel that by continuing to use these products not only am I looking great but my skin is being looked after also.


Plasma Concealer in shade Light (Skinn Cosmetic Website) $21.50



I finished my makeup look with the Caviar Lip Cream. This product is amazing. The lip cream is formulated with extract of Caviar, it makes your lips appear firmer, smoother and younger. The ingredients give your lips hydration too. The lip cream applies easily to your lips without smudging or patchy. The bare colour I chose is perfect for creating that nude look. It isn’t too light or is it too dark. It did last for a while on my lips before I had to reapply it. Again my lips felt really good from using this product. If you prefer lip products to not have a smell then this really is for you.



Caviar Lip Cream in shade Bare (Skinn Cosmetics Website) $22.00


I would like to thank Rachel for giving me the opportunity to review this fantastic company . I hope to work with Skinn Cosmetics again in the future. I highly recommend their products and feel that more companies should take note from them. This company will be a great success.



Finished makeup look 


For more information about Skinn and the products they sell please visit,

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Should you have any comments/feedback please get in contact. Collaborations are always welcomed.


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