Blink Brow Bar

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will be discussing the award winning business called Blink Brow Bar. I am so excited to be able to write about this fantastic business and introduce those of you who are not aware of it and to give you some information on a new line of eye brow products that I was very lucky to have sent to me to try and write about.


Beautifully presented


Vanita Parti is the founder of the Brow Bar which has grown into a very successful business throughout the world. Vanita wanted to bring the ancient Indian technique of threading into the 21st century and it is now a very popular form of eye brow shaping technique. In 2004 saw the launch of the very first walk-in brow bar in the United Kingdom. Now in 2016 there are over twenty-five walk-in bars throughout the United Kingdom and another opening in SAKS in New York! This year also sees the launch of Blink Brow Bars own beauty products. The brand can be purchased in stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Topshop, John Lewis and SpaceNk. All the employees who work at Brow Bar are very passionate about their jobs and are very much perfectionists when it comes to creating the perfect eye brow looks. They keep up to date with all the beauty trends which is very important when the beauty industries styles change loads over the years.


I have been very lucky to try out their new beauty range (Brow Essentials Kit) which includes; 1x Brow Definer, 1x Clear Brow Gel and 1x Brow Highlighter. The Brow Definer comes in the following shades:

  • Mysore Sandalwood (light blonde)
  • Cinnamon Spice (dark blonde)
  • Indian Chocolate (brunette)
  • Jasmin Morga (ash black)
  • Cardamom Pod (black)


I like how there are a few options of shades to try and they are closely linked to as much as possible everyone’s hair shade which is great. I often do find it hard to find the perfect match for my eye brows due to the fact that I have dyed my hair quite a bit over the years and my eye brows are quite dark. I also have the problem that I sleep on my left side which has caused my eye brow to thin out, so again getting the correct shade is very important so that I don’t look silly. As beauty lovers we all know how important well-groomed brows are for framing our face, balancing our features and defining our eyes. This is why I was very interested to try and review Blink Brows new products as they are the experts with years of experience and work very closely with beauty treatments daily. The team at Blink were very keen to create products that allowed us to have beautiful brows quickly, simply and as naturally as possible which I feel is very important in this day and age. Time is precious for us as many of us don’t have much of it anymore from working long hours and commuting etc but we still want to look at our best.

I do love trying out new beauty and make up products but some days I just want to put on the bare essentials which for me is mascara and making sure my eye brows look on point so to speak. I chose shade Indian chocolate (I like how they have named the shades and not just went for light brown, dark brown etc). The products are beautifully presented with minimal illustrations or logos which I feel was the perfect branding option for these products as it allows the actual item to do the talking. Each item is clearly marked in purple text -again very eye catching and if in a makeup bag will be easily found. On the packaging there is also information telling you what to do with each item -again is a great idea. Many of those using these products will be familiar on how to use certain products and where to use them but it is handy for those of us who don’t.


How the products are packaged.


The eye brow definer is a great shape and easy to hold -not too bulky which is good when wanting to get into the areas where little or no hair are. The tip of the eye brow definer is so soft and allows you to follow the shape of your eyebrows really well without it smudging or going out with your natural shape. The finish is matte which looks amazing and it really does keep your eye brows looking very natural but glamourous at the same time. The product is very easy to use and perfect for building up coverage without it looking over done! The highlighter is also very soft and easy to apply to the arch. And it gives such a beautiful glow to the look. This product does give the eyes an instant lift and compliments the definer really well. The product is dual-ended as it comes with a blending sponge that can be used to even out the application to create a soft and subtle glow to the eye. There is also a built in sharpener which is handy to have as it is sometimes really difficult to find a sharpener that fits most items. The highlighter is also water proof (great for our wet weather) and retractable. The clear gel has nourishing and strengthening ingredients (Panthenol -vitamin B5) so not only are you going to look and feel good so will your brows! That is a winning reason to use this brand. The Brow gel is great for keeping hairs in place and also it helps to define the eye brow shape and keeps the brows to look glossy.


My finished look and the products used to achieve this look


When I used the above products I found them all very easy to apply to my eyebrows. I had no itching or allergic reactions to the products and enjoyed applying them. I felt like a professional and really did like the finished outcome. Yes, it was only three products for me to use which is nothing compared to some eye brow brands out there. I liked the fact that less was more. I felt that I was still myself with my eye brows on and not hiding behind a mass or products. The finished look really did look professionally done and natural which this company does aim to achieve. I feel that these products are really well designed and put together. I would urge you all to go and check them out and try for yourselves. It really is very easy to use and the results are instant. Once you try these products there will be no turning back. You will feel like a movie star (I know that I did).


Please go and check out this dedicated company through the links below:

Blink Brow Bar Website

Blink Brow Bar Facebook Page

Blink Brow Bar Twitter

Blink Brow Bar Instagram


I would like to thank all the team at Blink Beauty Bar for giving me this opportunity. I really have enjoyed learning about the company and the products and feel that I will be purchasing more from them in the future.

I do hope you have found this review post useful. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to work together.




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