Little Black Dress Event 

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will be sharing my experience of being invited to one of Scotlands most exclusive fashion events. 

When the founder of the Scottish Style Awards contacted me personally to attend this event I was over the moon. My face had the biggest smile on it and I couldn’t stop smiling for days.

The Little Black Dress  event was also adding even more sophistication with the presence of MoËt and Chandon and Cambord. All the pieces that were shown at the event were from high street retailers and some boutiques. It’s always so enjoyable to see so many interpretations of how the little Black Dress can be portrayed and especially very fitting for the party season upon us. The event had so many beautiful pieces that I can guarantee there would be an outfit for everyone and plenty inspiration for those of us requiring some.  

The Little Black Dress Event was hosted at the very Chique Corinthian Club in Glasgow. This venue really did set the scene for a fantastic evening. The staff were very attentive and so professional the whole evening . There were no problems whatsoever. They were making sure that all the guests had received the glass of  Moët champagne on arrival and kept us topped up with all the tasty items of food. The room was very well decorated and the lighting was spot on for the fashion show. The layout of both tables and rows of seating was great and made sure that everyone was able to see the outfits without any difficulty. Plenty of room and time  to move around and do some socialising which with a room full of women is always a plus! 

Susie Cormack Bruce did a great job of being our hostess for the evening and kept us all wanting to see more. She spoke very well and you were able to hear what she was saying perfectly. I felt that she had great control of timings and of the evening as a whole.  I would like to express my warm praises to her.

The champagne from Moët was just devine and I must say that I really did enjoy it. Thank you Moët for being involved with the event and keeping us ladies watered. Not only did we receive champagne but we were also the first event in Scotland to be given the exclusive reveal of the Flamingo French Martini which was very enjoyable. The glass is very unique and stands out . The top is almost oval in shape with the handle then the circular certainly went down a treat. Again, thank you Chambord for this exclusive experience.

The fashion  and the show was amazing. I got there early to gain a front row seat so I could see the dresses and outfits up close. We were seeing pieces from John Lewis, Ted Baker, French connection, phase eight, whistles, coast, Reiss, Lipsy, Wish, Next, Zara and even a vintage section with dresses from those involved in the event. The catwalk show flowed very well from each section and brand. I liked having the projection overhead so you could relate it back to where the dresses were from. I honestly had so many favourites and really liked how the pieces were styled for the Autumn Winter 2016. I have attached a few images from the show so you get a feel for what was available. What I learned from this fashion show is that the Little Black Dress doesn’t necessarily have to be black. 

All in all I had a brilliant evening and felt so privileged to have been invited to such a stylish and well organised event. I do hope to attend again. 

I would like to thank Mary for inviting me and I hope we can work together again in the future. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you too enjoyed reading it. Any questions or comments please do feel free to get in contact. 

Scottish style awards website
Moët website
The Corinthian Club
Chambord website

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