Growing up and looking after yourself.


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I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my skin since my early teens. I noticed a huge change in it and it gradually became worse over the years. I tried going to the DR and all I was given were tablets and lotions that aggravated my skin. The lotions dried my skin right out and made my whole face very tight and sore. My skin was very red and inflamed. I began to lose confidence and became very upset with my appearance due to tother girls being very mean and calling me names. I was referred to Dermatology but they didnt really give or do anything for my skin concerns. I was told to try a foundation to cover the redness and that I would eventually grow out of it. I thought by covering it up it would stop the problem but it only made it to look worse due to the dry areas that clung to the foundation.

Over the years my skin went from getting worse to almost clearing up and repeated this sequence on and on throughout my teenage years. Nothing seemed to help and I just gave up trying to find a solution. I felt that no one was there to help and I got very frustrated. Becoming a teenager is a hard experience as it is let alone feeling more down with the state of your skin and having no one to give you advice. It wasn’t very pleasant to look at and I hated to look at myself in the mirror so I tried to avoid them at all costs. It did affect how I felt about myself and it got me down a lot. I didn’t like the way I looked at all. It felt like I was being punished for something. It made me feel that it was just myself feeling this way. Every other girl in my class and school seemed to have perfect skin and looked flawless.

When I started modelling it was here where my skin care journey kicked off.  I had no previous knowledge or no one I knew told me the importance of a good skin care regime. I was working with beauty and skin care professionals who took at interest in my skin and gave me advice on what products to use and foods that will help. I was educated on the type of skin I have and how best to keep it healthy. I began to feel more confident again and enjoyed being a teenager.

As your skin is the largest organ of the human body its very important to look after it. Over time I have seen my beauty product collections change and grow. This is important as your skin renews every four weeks. So by changing products is a good things to do . It is important to add that you might not see a difference straight away with your skin. Don’t every feel down or lose interest in your skin or never give up hope. Keep educating yourself on new treatments and products until you find what works for you.

I really enjoy pampering myself these days with new products and see my skin so differently. It is true what they say, “What you put into your body is what you get out”. I’m a huge believer in drinking lots of water to help clear up your skin from impurities. I also enjoy using face masks and having facials done to make sure my pores are as clean as they can be to ensure no breakouts.

Just as important are your teeth. We only get one set of teeth so keeping them clean and healthy is so important. I have really thin gums so finding a tooth brush that isn’t too rough or big has always been an issue for me. I find the soft manual ones don’t clean as well yet the medium cleans but it also is causing me to brush too hard. My dentist recommended using an electric tooth brush as they clean more effectively and stop you from pressing too hard against your gums. Which is a good way of keeping your gums from getting damaged. I did some research into what ones are good and value for money. I also didn’t want a noisy toothbrush or one that was too bulky for taking on holiday.

I came across the brand Ubersonic which is  a new brand that I hadn’t heard been aware of until now. I was excited and intrigued to learn that this tooth brush is made from the same material as an Iphone! How Cool! Not only that but it is the world’s first aluminium tooth brush which is very cleaver. From reading more about this product I decided I’d love to try this toothbrush for myself. It not only looks good but it’s very easy to use and it is not bulky at all which makes this product perfect for me. The tooth brush is not noisy either which is a bonus. The tooth brush is so lightweight and easy to manoeuvre about your mouth without it rubbing or causing any unnecessary bleeding. The bristles are soft yet still give your teeth a good clean which is another requirement I had been searching for.

This product lasts ages without needing charged up. There is a red warning light that flashes to alert that it is needing charged which is a good visual aid to have. I am very impressed with this product, I even take it with me when I go travelling as it is easy and convenient to pack. It even comes with a travel safe clip which is really handy as nothing will bump into it. This company really have designed a fantastic product that is one of a kind. The best part is it only costs £19. Go check out the website: Ubersonic .

I am really happy with this tooth brush and have actually enjoyed cleaning my teeth. I am so glad that I found this company. I have been using this tooth brush for over three months and hand on heart won’t change brand.


Thank you for reading.

Nicole xxx