Therapie Clinic

I recently visited Therapie Clinic in the Overgate Centre and was very impressed. Therapie Clinic in Dundee opened earlier this year and offers various clinical beauty treatments. This is a very exciting time for beauty in Dundee. It is about time that we got some new beauty treatments to keep up with the bigger more cosmopolitan cities.


Therapie Clinic is a family-run business which originated in Ireland. They now feature stores around the United Kingdom. The clinic believe that beauty is more than just skin deep and use non-surgical procedures to enhance people without changing them.

At Therapie they specialise in providing fantastic visual and measurable results. They strive for top class customer service which the company is widely known for. Therapie Clinic are very much focused on creating a clinic that has payment options to suit everyone which is important within the current economic crisis we are facing today. All employees are fully trained and specialise in treatments so no need to be apprehensive as you are quite literally in safe and professional hands.

Initial thoughts

The store is very well lit and has a good location being right in the centre of Dundee. I like the layout of the store and was really impressed with the clutter free furnishings. Keeping the units clutter free instantly drew my attention to what products that were available. The products were displayed in an eye-catching way and were available to purchase. Having the products displayed neatly really was a pleasant experience and I felt not overwhelmed as I have done in previous situations where products were packed back to back with no room for picking up without knocking something over. The store has a professional feel about it and uses top quality products for their clients. The size of the store is very deceiving from the outside. Behind the reception desk there is a seating area which is perfect for customers who don’t like to sit in full view of passers-by, which I felt was a practical idea. Especially for the male clients who may not want to be seen.

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Arriving into store for my first appointment I was very excited yet somewhat nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I was feeling anxious as to what they might think of my skin and if I was doing enough to keep it in a healthy condition (I have never been confident with my skin). The staff greeted me with smiles and kindly asked me to fill in paper work to get to know me and my concerns etc. I was offered water and given more than enough time to fully read the documentation and to fill in the important information. The whole team were very welcoming and didn’t rush me throughout my time in store. I was made to feel important and treated the same way. The treatments were extensively explained for myself from the initial chat and documentation to the process itself. As previously mentioned, the staff are all trained to a high standard and this reflects when talking with them about the treatments and their experience in the industry. I found myself learning more and more about skin care and I really enjoyed it.


The clinic has so much available that it can feel somewhat over whelming but the staff are very skilled at recommending specific treatments suitable for you which is fantastic and saves time and money. It allows you to invest your time in the treatments that will work for you and see results from day one.

My skin has always been an issue for me. I have struggled with sensitivity and spot prone skin for years. I’ve always tried to maintain a skin regime, but I have found that my day to day life has become so demanding and my time is becoming less and less each week. This has affected my routine and unfortunately my skin isn’t in it’s best condition that it could be. Good skin care is very important and if you look after your skin you will feel and look so much healthier. I need to force myself to keep this in mind.


On this visit I was lucky enough to be given a facial with Environ skin care products. I have had previous facials with this brand and can honestly say that you feel the results straightaway. My skin was very dehydrated and required some moisture to go below the top layer of skin. These products are widely known for achieving great results and are not harsh on the skin. I have always enjoyed having a facial and was looking forward to getting started with Therapie to try and improve a more radiant and healthy skin. Achieving this would allow me to feel more confident with myself and in my skin. The staff were amazing with the consultation and making sure I was understanding the process and getting everything, I could out of the treatment.

The facial itself was so relaxing and the therapist talked me through what was to happen, what products would be used on my face during the treatment and recommended a skin care regime solely beneficial for myself to tackle my problem areas and skin concerns.

The therapist knew how much pressure to apply to my face and this allowed my skin to get the full benefit of the treatment it was requiring and without seeing my face I could feel how clean and fresh it felt. It’s the same feeling you have when your hairdresser washes your hair!

After the facial I felt so renewed. My face was glowing, and I noticed that straightaway. My skin felt so hydrated and it looked more healthier which is amazing and just shows how quickly these products get to work. I couldn’t have been any happier with the results and this was just after one facial. I can’t stress how impressed I am with Therapie as a whole. I would be very confident in recommending them to everyone.

I am very much looking forward to my next appointment. I would like to thank the whole team at Therapie. Stay up to date with my blog and social media channels as there is so much more to come with this company.


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