The Vintage Beauty Box

Hello and welcome to nicspicknmix. On the blog today I will be writing about this little gem which has had a makeover and a new addition to the team. The vintage beauty box based in ST Andrews has been growing from strength to strength that the need for expansion was a must.

The Vintage Beauty Box is owned by Aileen ho has vast amounts of knowledge both as a professional make up artist and as a skin specialist. They specialise in customer satisfaction and will do everything to make you feel comfortable. The treatments that are available are tremendous they offer a wide selection from waxing to wedding make up. With the relaunch comes even more variety. They now offer vita liberate spray tan. I had never heard of this brand before but was intrigued to find out more. I don’t often spray tan due to being very pale and I’m not a fan of the tango look. Aileen recommended this brand to myself as it is designed to avoid the orange tint and that nasty I’ve just been tanned smell. So I’ll definitely be trying this tan out and share my before and after results with you. If this is right up your street Aileen currently has a great offer on, Tan Thursday any appointment made between 2pm-8pm will be discounted to £15 instead of £25! Just in time for the weekend prep. If tan isn’t your thing then why not opt for some nail treatments from their shiny new nail bar. They also offer make up applications and lessons at their glamorous make up stations. The Vintage Beauty Box loves students, in fact they have two days dedicated to them on a Mondays and Tuesdays where a discount of 10% is available.

I was invited along to attend the relaunch of the beauty salon which was very exciting. The salon is situated in the heart of St Andrews which is a fantastic location. Parking is a little difficult but there is on street and other places nearby to park which means the salon is in walking distance. On arrival at the salon I was very impressed with the new layout. I was so excited to see all the new add ons and what the new beauty room would be like. They have still kept the very essence of the calming, clean and natural colourings as before which I am a fan of . The atmosphere is still very relaxing – in fact I felt relaxed just being there which was a lovely feeling. They now have two beauty rooms and a tan room which means more availability. I have attached images of the beauty rooms and tan room for you to get a feel of the set up. I will also include links to the websites and social media accounts so you can all check out the treatments .

Beauty room number 1

Tanning room- the door locks for privacy

Beauty room 2

I am really excited to see what else is in store for this beauty salon and look forward to booking myself in for treatments. Please do check them out.

Thank you Aileen for inviting me to the relaunch. The websites are here:

The Vintage Beauty Box website

The Vintage Beauty Box Facebook

The Vintage Beauty Box twitter

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the Vintage Beauty Box please do get in touch. I am more thank happy to help.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading about the relaunch.

Much love

Nicole x


Girls Day Out Show- Glasgow


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Blogger Press Pass

Hello and welcome to Nic’s Pick’n’mix. On the blog today I will be discussing my time as a blogger at the beauty event of all beauty events, Girls Day Out Show.


For those of you who are not familiar with this event I will give you a little background as to what happens, who goes and what to expect. I will also discuss the initial experience (as believe it or not this was my first time attending the event and I am a huge fan and will defiantly be attending more of them).


Girls Day Out had their first event back in 2009 and takes place at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow (SECC). The duration is over three days during the winter season. It is held annually and has become known as one of the best ladies’ lifestyle shows that takes place. The event covers things such as the latest fashion trends to facials, the latest fine dining to fake tan – in fact you could say that anything associated with the modern women’s way of living can be seen at this event.


The Girls Day Out Show can be argued as the ultimate celebration of all things fun, fabulous and female and the greatest thing is that all of this can be found under one roof!

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If you like to try out the latest fashion and beauty treatments, then this event is for you. With over 200 exhibitors from the fashion, beauty and skin care industries you are guaranteed to find some new treats for yourselves or your loved ones. Not only is there the shopping opportunities but they have live fashion shows which feature the latest trends great for all the fashionistas that you may know! Plenty of cocktails which are available all afternoon for you to enjoy at your leisure. They also have a lot of discounts and offers that are available for the whole weekend (which is great as we all love a bargain). For all of us who love to learn new techniques there are top leading beauty professionals there who will be demonstrating live demos associated with makeup tips. There are also opportunities to have your hair styled on the day from top hair salons or have your nails done with the latest nail trends. If you enjoyed the Magic Mike film then you would not have been disappointed as Girl’s Day Out have their very own male dancers who performed over the weekend too.



As this event is always popular I would recommend purchasing your tickets early as to not be disappointed. For those who do purchase their tickets early you receive a good bag and also a couple of vouchers for the cocktail- bar- what’s not to like!  Ticket prices start from £16.00 which is really reasonable when you think of how much planning and organising goes into this event. From my brief overview of what you can expect from the shows there really is a lot that takes place over the three days. I would urge you to try and attend the show when it comes as the atmosphere is amazing. You get a real buzz from being there and surrounded by so many ladies who are all dressed up and having a really good time. I would stress the importance of getting their early so you are not stuck in queues to get in and feel stressed. The event is one to be enjoyed when you are not flustered. One criticism which is not a fault of the event itself, but make sure you take cash with you as not all of the exhibitors have the card machine option – I sadly learnt this the hard way and had to join a very long queue at the only cash machines at the venue which ate into my time at the event.

I treated myself to have my nails done by the fantastic Manhattan Nails- Shellac mermaid nails.

The venue itself is a great size for an event of this scope. In previous shows there have been over 18,000 women attending the Girls Day Out Show which just highlights how popular and busy it can get. The venue is set up with stalls which are all numbered and things are clearly sign posted which makes it easier to find what you looking to go and see.


Girls Day Out Show had their own Snapchat filter too

I was so lucky to have been invited to attend this event as a blogger and certainly enjoyed myself. It was brilliant to see familiar brands yet I treasured the opportunity to learn about up and coming brands that were new to the industry. The live demonstrations are amazing- you learn so much and I can’t wait to try out new techniques that I learnt. The live demonstrators have so much passion and skill that you feel just as inspired and excited watching. I would also like to mention that each year Girls Day Out have special celebrity guests who attend the event as well. This year saw Mark Wright being present (I bet there were a lot of happy ladies). Girls Day Out also invites guest bloggers to attend and this year the sensational Jamie Genevieve was here. She was doing master classes and meet and greets. I felt this was such a great opportunity for all of those who are inspired by her work to actually get to see her in action and learn first-hand from the makeup guru herself. It also felt even more special as she is from Glasgow and had worked with one of the exhibitors -Urban Decay. All of her workshops were sold out which was incredible.



I honestly couldn’t fault the event itself it ran with no problems or hiccups. You were not rushed around the venue and if you were tired or wanted a break there were plenty of seated areas for you to go to. Capital FM had the music sorted so sit back and relax and listen to the latest music. Other entertainment included singing and dancing. So you can see why this event really does cater for everyone.


I would like to thank Claudia from Girls Day Out Show for giving me this amazing opportunity of attending this incredible event. I hope to work with you again. You and your team have done a fantastic job and it really is a huge success.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this beauty event and I hope to see you there.


If you would like more information please visit the following websites:

Girls Day Out Show Webpage

Girls Day Out Show Facebook

Girls Day Out Twitter

Little Black Dress Event 

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will be sharing my experience of being invited to one of Scotlands most exclusive fashion events. 

When the founder of the Scottish Style Awards contacted me personally to attend this event I was over the moon. My face had the biggest smile on it and I couldn’t stop smiling for days.

The Little Black Dress  event was also adding even more sophistication with the presence of MoËt and Chandon and Cambord. All the pieces that were shown at the event were from high street retailers and some boutiques. It’s always so enjoyable to see so many interpretations of how the little Black Dress can be portrayed and especially very fitting for the party season upon us. The event had so many beautiful pieces that I can guarantee there would be an outfit for everyone and plenty inspiration for those of us requiring some.  

The Little Black Dress Event was hosted at the very Chique Corinthian Club in Glasgow. This venue really did set the scene for a fantastic evening. The staff were very attentive and so professional the whole evening . There were no problems whatsoever. They were making sure that all the guests had received the glass of  Moët champagne on arrival and kept us topped up with all the tasty items of food. The room was very well decorated and the lighting was spot on for the fashion show. The layout of both tables and rows of seating was great and made sure that everyone was able to see the outfits without any difficulty. Plenty of room and time  to move around and do some socialising which with a room full of women is always a plus! 

Susie Cormack Bruce did a great job of being our hostess for the evening and kept us all wanting to see more. She spoke very well and you were able to hear what she was saying perfectly. I felt that she had great control of timings and of the evening as a whole.  I would like to express my warm praises to her.

The champagne from Moët was just devine and I must say that I really did enjoy it. Thank you Moët for being involved with the event and keeping us ladies watered. Not only did we receive champagne but we were also the first event in Scotland to be given the exclusive reveal of the Flamingo French Martini which was very enjoyable. The glass is very unique and stands out . The top is almost oval in shape with the handle then the circular certainly went down a treat. Again, thank you Chambord for this exclusive experience.

The fashion  and the show was amazing. I got there early to gain a front row seat so I could see the dresses and outfits up close. We were seeing pieces from John Lewis, Ted Baker, French connection, phase eight, whistles, coast, Reiss, Lipsy, Wish, Next, Zara and even a vintage section with dresses from those involved in the event. The catwalk show flowed very well from each section and brand. I liked having the projection overhead so you could relate it back to where the dresses were from. I honestly had so many favourites and really liked how the pieces were styled for the Autumn Winter 2016. I have attached a few images from the show so you get a feel for what was available. What I learned from this fashion show is that the Little Black Dress doesn’t necessarily have to be black. 

All in all I had a brilliant evening and felt so privileged to have been invited to such a stylish and well organised event. I do hope to attend again. 

I would like to thank Mary for inviting me and I hope we can work together again in the future. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you too enjoyed reading it. Any questions or comments please do feel free to get in contact. 

Scottish style awards website
Moët website
The Corinthian Club
Chambord website

London Fashion Week: N&S Gaia by Sidharth

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I can’t believe how long ago London Fashion Week was! I was so excited and very lucky to be given the opportunity to attend the fabulous event as a guest blogger for Sidharth.


Sidharth(Designer behind N&S GAIA)

This designer has some unique and very exciting designs and I feel this is what we have been missing over the years in the fashion industry.

N&S Gaia stands for Nature & Sustainability with revered guidance of Mother Nature, inceptor and creator-GAIA, the primal Greek Goddess. The brand started its journey in 2013 from North East India. They are a contemporary Womenswear label that are based in New Delhi. N&S Gaia have given the technique called Dakmanda which is a hand weaving embroidery technique of Garo Tribe in the North East of India a re-birth.

The brand has used upcycling and sustainable fabrics in their designs. They take the idea that Less is more and try to keep an environmental factor in their designs.


When I attended the fashion show I was greeted with so many beautiful colours on the catwalk. Sidharth’s design are very well thought out and had an element of futuristic about them. The amount of detail on some of the clothing was seriously very well put together. The clothing was not over the top yet it still had eye catching appeal. The makeup complimented the clothing and the hair was kept up in high buns.


I was also very fortunate enough to be able to go backstage and see the clothing up close. It was such an amazing experience to see how much work goes into a catwalk show and also to be given the opportunity to meet with Sidharth, the designer of the brand.


I would like to wish Sidharth and N&S Gaia all the best for the future and I hope to be able to attend another show of theirs in the future. I really did feel that their designs were very fresh and stood out from anything I have seen to date. I definitely would wear something from their collection.  Thank you to Yannis for inviting me and for taking great care of me whilst at the show. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you all soon.


If you would like to check out N&S Gaia please visit the following links:

N&S Gaia

N&S Gaia Instagram

N&S Gaia Twitter

N&S Gaia Facebook






Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please do keep following me and I would love to hear from you.

Beauty Burst Event 

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Today I’m writing about something completely different . I was very excited to have been invited to my first blogger event. The event was a local one , in the Overgate Shopping centre in Dundee. It was such a great feeling to have been asked to attend and to be able to help out at it as well.

The event was all about beauty- Beauty Burst. This event was organised solely by Metta who I feel deserves a lot of praise for putting on such a fantastic event. There was so much going on with live demonstrations from make up counters , discounts in stores, local cocktail bars handing out samples , a live DJ, fashion shows and a swap shop to raise funds for a local charity.

On the night itself I was helping out in the swap shop, this was a great idea and allowed members of the public to bring in any unwanted pieces of clothing and to buy new pieces from what other people had brought in. The customers were required to purchase tickets which costed £2 for five tickets. The customers could also give donations to the charity as well. This idea worked very well and there were a lot of donations handed in, some items were brand new with the tags still on. People were really enjoying the idea and agreed that it was good to help out a local charity and in return get new clothing. For some of these people it was last minute holiday shopping .

It was great to have had something like this in the Overgate and people were enjoying themselves. It was also a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers from the area.

I am looking forward to hearing how much money was raised for the charity. I will leave you all with photographs from the evening. Thank you Metta for inviting me. I look forward to future events at the Overgate.

Thank you for reading.